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Hi there!! I'm so glad we've found each other! Below you'll find offerings for all things self-discovery! And if you're curious about who I am simply click the button below so that l may in-formerly introduce myself! Much Love!!
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All things Self Discovery

Here you will find a list of current e-course offerings and yoga practices where we can grow and expand together!

The Soulful Wholeness

Write Your Way to Healing

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The Astro Yoga Space

Full Moon Yoga Practices with Journal Prompts and Ritual

Check it out!!

Queen's Council

Coming Soon!!

This course is all about healing the mother wound using the archetypal energies of the  Queens in the Minor Arcana of the Tarot Deck! Coming Soon!

The Gut Brain Mini E-Course

A Second Way of Thinking

Welcome to this mini e-course about the impact of our gut health and our mental, emotional, physical health!

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Now Offering Spiritual & Metaphysical Coaching!

To help you see your life from a higher perspective!

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See what others are saying!

“First of all, I’d like to thank you for the Soulful Wholeness Class. It was so well organized and thoughtful!  This class was unique and I hope that you will continue to use your magnificent creative abilities to develop more classes. You are so caring and thought provoking that I felt like my cup was full after each lesson. It was unlike any other class I have taken.”

Patricia O'Neil

Natalie is an extra-ordinary facilitator supporting the body-psyche's natural drive towards wholeness. I have worked with oodles of somatic and energy healers as well as master teachers of psychology. Natalie skillfully weaves these modalities together which gifted me with levels of healing I had not received before. I am grateful for her deep hearted kindness as she fiercely enters into the dark places many fear to go. ”

Kathleen Prophet


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