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Your place to learn all about the energies of the full moon! It is here that we will take ourselves through a physical journey on our yoga mats, and get to know the full moon deeper through the use of astrology, journal prompts, music and ritual suggestions.

Here's What We'll Do

Below you will find a brief description of what's covered!

Learn about Astrology

Each full moon falls under a specific zodiac sign. This part of our journey will teach a bit about the zodiac and include information about characteristics of each sign as well as what chakras and body parts each sign rules. Think of it as a mini astrology lesson each month!  ​​​

Journal Prompts

This is exactly as it sounds and includes journal prompts to help you dive deep into how you can use these energies to your benefit and create a life you love!

Energy Reports

Welcome to your mini energy reading to give you some insight as to what you can potentially expect in the weeks leading up to and following the full moon. ​​

Playlist and Ritual Suggestions

Each month I will offer playlist and ritual suggestions based on the zodiac sign we are learning about to add to your practice or your life!


Creating yoga practices dedicated to the signs is one of the things I love the most! I invite you to roll out your mat and come move with me as we dance with the energies of the cosmos!


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