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Circular Elegance: 9 Striking Round Dining Table Designs to Enhance Your Home

Circular Elegance 9 Striking Round Dining Table Designs to Enhance Your Home

Stop circling! These nine designs will prove why round dining tables fit your home so well!


When it comes to dining tables, square or rectangular tables are a natural preference for everyone. However, if you want to make your dining room stand out, purchasing a dining table with a slightly unusual shape is one of the best ways to achieve this. Before we begin, let’s take a quick look at why a round dining table is a great idea for your home.


Round dining tables are ideal for cozy dinners as the shape of the table is ideal for conversations.

These are great for smaller or tight spaces as the tables have no edge and the shape allows for much more free space around them.

Round dining table sets are also ideal for larger spaces where you want a design that conveys a more casual vibe.

They are stylistically versatile – round dining table sets can look casual, modern, chic or elegant depending on the ambience.

Take a look at these amazing round dining table designs that are sure to convince you that you need one of these for your dining room!

A table for two

A small space doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea of a dining table. A round dining table for two is great for small spaces and actually makes for a pretty date-style table setting.

9 amazing round dining table designs for your home

A round dining table with comfortable cushions

Family dinners are made even more enjoyable when the dining room is as cozy as this lovely little round dining table set. The comfortable cushions that come with the chairs are a great addition to the set.

A round glass dining table set

If you want a more elegant and modern look, a round glass-top dining table is the way to go. With round dining tables, the challenge can be finding the right size to comfortably accommodate the desired number of people. Typical for family dinners: For round tables, a chair distance of 24 inches is considered sufficient. That means a 54-inch round dining table like this one can comfortably accommodate six chairs.

A modern round dining table

The design of the table and chairs also determines the size of the round table. This modern round dining table is equipped with chairs that are somewhat bulky. In such a case, it is better to opt for a larger table so that seating comfort is maintained.

9 amazing round dining table designs for your home

Sleek round dining table set

Another dining table design that’s great for smaller spaces, this round dining table is elegant and chic. The minimalist design of the chairs makes this round dining table set a great option for any modern home.

Round dining table for four people

Suitable for most modern and small family homes, this round wooden dining table set features a classic design that goes well with any decor style. The subtle sophistication of this design set also makes it a great place for a cozy dinner for two at home!

Classic round dining table set

This classic round dining table design reminds us of the beautiful, preserved dining table sets in historic villas. Opt for a stylish round dining table set like this one, especially if you want to complement the design with equally stylish dining room furnishings.

Fit for kings

If you need a dining table for big, fat family dinners or even want to have a few guests over every now and then, opt for a 60-inch round dining table set like this one that can comfortably seat about eight adults. And if you’re willing to spend a few more dollars to make room for a few more seats at the table, you can opt for a larger, 72-inch round table that can comfortably seat about 10 adults.

Ultra cool round dining table set

Don’t you just love everything about this round dining table set? With its fabulous design, this round dining table set is just right for your modern home! It’s ultra-modern, elegant and perfect for millennials who can’t wait.