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Dual Functionality: 5 Creative Ideas for Designing a Work Area in Your Bedroom

Dual Functionality 5 Creative Ideas for Designing a Work Area in Your Bedroom

Make your daydreams of a cozy workspace in your bedroom come true with our list of bedroom workspace designs. If you’re dreaming of a home office where you can work productively in the privacy and comfort of your own bedroom, you’ve come to the right place. The key to creating the perfect study area in the bedroom is to make sure you section off the study so you aren’t tempted to slip back into bed for a nap. Likewise, thoughts of work should not distract you from finding your “Z is Peace.” Separating these two areas and yet connecting them together so that the study and bedroom look integrated is the balancing trick you need to find the right balance. Our suggestions for study-to-bedroom ideas will help you achieve exactly what you can set up in your workplace in no time.

Mix it like a pro

We love the harmonious effect of this bedroom workspace design. First, the desk is professionally designed. It is in the same color and has the same lines as the wardrobe and bed, so it blends in naturally. Additionally, the storage space is built to blend into the elegant wardrobe, making the unit appear like an organic extension. This design offers plenty of storage space and is beautiful to look at. The wall design further emphasizes the different areas in the bedroom and integrates them at the same time. The area behind the study is framed by white stripes both above and below the floating desk. This mirrors the design behind the headboard of the bed and serves as an excellent counterpoint. The modern artwork above the desk immediately attracts attention, especially because it appears framed in white. It captivates the viewer and makes the workspace appear as a natural part of the bedroom.

5 ideas for designing a work area in a bedroom

Keep your standards high, but lower your desk

This minimalism-inspired study area does several things right. It faces away from the bed and towards the view outside, making it ideal for working. You are free from distractions and can concentrate on your work and take advantage of natural light while working during the day. The desk is intentionally kept low so that you have a clear view of the outside and the light can penetrate unhindered. In addition, the large desk with integrated storage space ensures that you can comfortably work on it for hours. Open shelves in the ceiling provide additional storage and display space. They are cleverly installed to take advantage of the tight corner. Books placed on such shelves can be elegantly decorated with bookends, which makes the arrangement practical and beautiful. An ergonomically friendly chair and a lamp that provides work light further contribute to the functionality and aesthetics of the room.

Fold it like in origami

This superb home office with bed serves as a workspace during the day and a bedroom at night. There are three different zones in the room. The storage area has a wardrobe and a chest of drawers and forms a zone. The Murphy bed and sofa face the TV and together form the second zone. The third zone is the work area, which is decorated in white to make it stand out from the rest of the room. In keeping with the overall aesthetic, the workspace features elegant lines, highlighted by the simple desk and open shelving. The space is functional and simple, with the style highlighting a few carefully selected decorative items. A pretty carpet unites all three zones and makes the room appear inviting and complete in both versions – as a bedroom and as a study with a sofa.

5 ideas for designing a work area in a bedroom

Store it like a magpie

Magpies are (in)famous for their love of all things shiny and their ability to hoard things. What if your job requires you to be a magpie and store a lot of documents and other material? With a little creativity, you can also add storage space to a small study in the bedroom, like here. The custom-made desk is designed as a continuation of the wooden headboard. There is a cabinet built into the desk and a custom cabinet above it. The shelves are partially covered so that files and books can be stored out of sight. The desk extends over the base cabinet, creating a large work area. The dimensionsand functionality of this work area are so great that it can easily serve as a home office. Note that the desk is designed to be slim so that there is a walking area between the study and the bed. Blinds instead of curtains also add a feeling of spaciousness when designing this bedroom workspace.

Make the most of waste to create a study in a bedroom

This corner room was a dead zone brought to life by a study station cleverly placed within it, making it a fabulous bedroom study idea. The room offers great views outside thanks to the large windows, perfect for a cozy window seat. The bed is positioned to enjoy the view and natural light, making it a great sleeping area design. Since the study is discreetly installed in the corner, it does not disturb the sleeping area. The desk appears to float, making the corner appear light and airy. The area below remains open and instead the storage is built on the desk and mounted on the wall. It is kept mostly open to enhance the feeling of openness. A few clever details connect the rooms with each other. Gray tones in the closet and desk connect them with the storage space above and below the windowsill, so the entire corner fits together. A peach colored chair to match the color of the other upholstered furniture.