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Perfect your lips with the ultimate combo: Cork/Medium 2 lipstick, Kim KW Gloss, and a hint of Turkish Delight for a flawless finish.

Enhance your lips with the ultimate combination Cork Medium 2 lipstick, Kim KW Gloss, and a touch of Turkish Delight for a flawless finish Featured Image

Every makeup enthusiast knows the power of a well-coordinated lip combination. It can enhance your look and add a touch of glamor and sophistication. In the world of lip products, there are certain combinations that stand out and provide the perfect mix of color, texture and shine. Today, let’s dive into a magical trio – Cork/Medium 2 Lipstick, Kim KW Gloss and Turkish Delight – a combination that exudes elegance and charm.

Cork/Medium 2 Lipstick: A timeless classic

Starting with the base, Cork/Medium 2 Lipstick is a classic nude shade that is very popular. Its warm, earthy tones make it an ideal choice for different skin tones. The lipstick applies smoothly and provides a creamy, satin finish that is both comfortable and long-lasting. The Cork/Medium 2 Lipstick serves as the perfect canvas and sets the stage for the glossy magic to come.

The perfect lip combination: Cork/Medium 2 lipstick, Kim KW Gloss and Turkish Delight

Kim KW Gloss: A luxurious shine

Kim KW Gloss is a sheer, peachy nude gloss that exudes luxury and elegance. It is named after the legendary Kim Kardashian West, known for her flawless makeup. This shine adds an extra layer of sophistication to any lipstick. When applied over Cork/Medium 2 Lipstick, it gives a glossy, high-shine finish, reflecting light and enhancing the lips’ natural fullness.

Turkish Delight: A splash of soft pink

Turkish Delight is a beautiful soft pink gloss with hints of coral undertones. It’s a sheer, non-sticky gloss that complements the nude tones of the Cork/Medium 2 Lipstick and the shine of the Kim KW Gloss. Applied as a top coat, Turkish Delight provides a subtle pop of color and luscious shine, leaving your lips looking fuller and more inviting.

The perfect lip combination: Cork/Medium 2 lipstick, Kim KW Gloss and Turkish Delight

Why this combination works wonders

This lip combo is a perfect combination of shades and textures. Cork/Medium 2 Lipstick forms a natural base and creates a neutral canvas that complements a variety of makeup looks. The addition of Kim KW Gloss adds a touch of sophistication and a glossy finish. The glossy effect is further enhanced by Turkish Delight, giving your lips a radiant, polished look.

Versatile and chic

This trio is versatile and suits different occasions. It is perfect for everyday use and enhances your natural beauty with a touch of glamour. In addition, this combination can seamlessly transition into an evening look, highlighting your elegance for an evening or a special occasion. Its versatility allows you to experiment and adapt to different makeup styles.


Cork/Medium 2 Lipstick, Kim KW Gloss and Turkish Delight create a lip combination that is a true gem in the world of makeup. It offers a harmonious mix of colors and textures, resulting in an elegant, chic and sophisticated look. Enjoy this trio, let your lips shine with elegance and enjoy the magic it brings to your makeup routine. Have fun styling and glossing!