One-to-One Energy Clearings
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Sometimes our energy field just needs a bit of a deep clean! This is when energy work can be invaluable!

Higher Consciousness Coaching and Clearing

Past life, Simultaneous Lifetimes, Ancestral Clearings

Higher consciousness clearings can involve a number of things from past lives to ancestral to simultaneous lifetimes effecting your every day existence. Higher consciousness clearings can help rid the body of stuck energy down to the smallest particle energy level. It helps you reach your fullest potential by clearing away all the debris from any lifetime that is still affecting you today.

Twin Flame Coaching
Energy Clearing

Past life, Simultaneous Lifetimes, Ancestral Clearings between you and your beloved

Twin Flame Higher Consciousness  clearings are intended to clear out all of the same energetic debris as solo clearings, but this energy work will also include your beloved's higher self to help you both on your path towards healing and ascension.

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Energy clearing is one of the best gifts you can give yourself as you grow out of limiting beliefs and grow into a higher version of  you!
(All clearings are completed via phone or Zoom session)

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Clear out the debris that is clouding your vision!

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Natalie does some POWERFUL past life clearing and intuitive Reiki 😍💕 seriously never felt such warm and amazing energy coming off of a human 😍😂”

Olivia Buckingham

Oh my gosh, she helped me do some clearing out of old energy, not only from my present, but from my entire life, and my many lifetimes back through the ages! She is gentle, kind and knowledgeable. She asked pertinent questions and blessed me more than she can ever know. I walked out of there feeling so much lighter! Thank You and Bless You Natalie Sophia!

Hawk Havorath