Welcome to Soulful Wholeness

Are you the type of person who, in spite of your best efforts loses yourself in your relationships?

Do you constantly find yourself in relationships where you feel unfulfilled no matter how well a partner treats you?

Do you often experience anxiety in your relationships around perceived abandonment and rejection?

Do you worry constantly that your significant other will leave you for someone else?

Are you constantly comparing yourself to others and wishing that you could be someone that you are not?

Me too!!

Well, that's what I used to feel anyway! And it sucked! That is until I discovered the secrets to what was happening within me and was able to understand all aspects of myself mind, body and soul. The lessons found within this course are the underpinnings of the very things that helped me shift out of neediness and confusion into strength, confidence and self-love.

And I want this for you too!

Who is this class for?

This course was designed for you ! The spiritual person who might still be struggling with codependency. I wanted to make something easy and effective for you so that you could live freely without feeling reliant on another person to bring you the happiness you deserve. I wanted to design something that would allow for you either single or with a partner to feel fulfilled on the inside so that it could reflect on the outside. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that when we can feel happy, whole and confident from within everything around us changes!

I am confident that this course will help not only your relationship with your partner, but most importantly your relationship to yourself-the only person who is promised to be with you for your lifetime! Soulful Wholeness was made with absolute love and the awareness that your time is precious. These are all of the tools that I discovered over a six year period, which helped me identify key areas within myself that needed my time and attention.

Everything here assisted me in creating a life that feels pleasurable to me and has been tremendously helpful for me on the path towards wholeness. These tools have helped to shift my reality immensely and I want this for you too!  Now is your time to become that strong, confident and self sustained woman that you always have been!

Let me guide you to the only one you have been waiting for all along... YOU!

Here is What You'll Discover

Healing Anxiety

This class will cover the basics of anxiety by defining what anxiety is, how it affects the body system and ways that you can work through anxious moments and situations...otherwise known as healing anxious attachment. A journal or pad of paper is a must as we will be deepening our awareness by answering specific questions related to this topic.  ​​​​​​​

Healing the Child Within

This lesson will introduce us to the inner child and teach us how we can learn to work with ourselves in a gentle and compassionate approach. Feel free to break out the crayons, markers, colored pencils etc..to write, draw, doodle as we uncover various ways the inner child can assist us and ways that it can sabotage us.

Integration through Meditation

A guided meditation integrating inner child healing and clearing to help you (re)connect with the innocence within. ​​​​​​​

Healing the Masculine

Masculine energy is defined as the act of doing. We all carry masculine and feminine energy within. This lesson will address the ways imbalanced masculine energy manifests and how we can assist our inner masculine to find balance and harmony. ​​​​​​​

Healing the Feminine

Feminine energy is defined as the act of being. We all carry the masculine and feminine energy within. This lesson will address the ways imbalanced feminine energy manifests and ways that we can assist our inner feminine to find balance and harmony.

Inner Union

The inner union class will involve a little detective work on your end in order to become the expert of your own life.
You will need your birth details (time, location, date) in order to dive in deeply to your natal chart and uncover your inner masculine and feminine aspects and so that you may achieve inner union.

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So you've made it this far, which tells me you want this! I'm here to walk you through the next steps! Below you will find a link to sign up. Simply select which payment plan you feel comfortable with and you're in!

I am thrilled that you are finally getting the chance to understand that you were created perfectly and that you are undeniably worthy of your own love!  There are no mistakes!

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