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Space-Savvy Elegance: 7 Small Dining Table Ideas That Garner Big Compliments

Space-Savvy Elegance 7 Small Dining Table Ideas That Garner Big Compliments

Smartly save space and leave your guests in awe with these small dining table ideas. Continue reading.


It has been several years now since most Indian families transitioned from traditional joint families to nuclear families. Regardless, our philosophy of “Atithi Devo Bhava” – treating guests like God – remains intact. After all, expressing love through food comes with a certain warmth. And at Design Cafe, we make it a point to celebrate this warm feeling through the interior design of your home. Our designers provide you with several innovative small dining table models to choose from, depending on your needs. Whatever you choose, one thing is certain: you will take home something to talk about. Are you ready to check out our amazing bespoke and space saving modular small dining table designs?

Small dining table for a quick breakfast

The morning madness can make it difficult to put food on a formal dining table and clean up later. That’s why we designed an extendable kitchen table that will save couples’ lives during rush hour in the morning. With the hob, elegant and spacious marble counter and breakfast table close by, you save time in all areas – cooking, setting up the food and cleaning the dining area. And if you need a few condiments or extra cutlery while you’re eating, the upper cabinets and pull-out drawers underneath in this modular kitchen are quickly accessible.

7 small dining table ideas that get big compliments

Ideas for small dining tables in the kitchen

If you choose a modular island kitchen, the breakfast bar with granite top can be used as a small dining table set – saving a lot of space. What makes the breakfast bar multifunctional is that it can be used as a freestanding cabinet for additional storage and as an additional surface for your cooking and home working needs. This design is ideal for families with children, allowing cooking, conversation and dining to take place in an intimate yet comfortable atmosphere – be it on a busy day or a relaxing weekend.

Small living room with a dining table

If you are looking for a dining table for small spaces, a folding table is a good option. Thanks to our creative and functional designs, the folding table can be inserted into the wall and double as a closet! Maximum benefit and maximum space savings. We call that a win-win situation. This type of folding table with combination cabinet is also the most efficient design when exploring small living room ideas with a TV and dining table for your home. Whether you want to fit it into a small space or make an empty nest less dreary, a fold-down dining table in a bright color works best.

7 small dining table ideas that get big compliments

Folding dining table for small spaces

Most families looking for a dining table tend to buy a four-seater table even if their living space is compact. But with the advent of customized modular furniture, a traditional four-seater table is no longer necessary. Say hello to Design Cafe’s extendable dining table, which is stunning in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Our two-seater extendable dining table can be expanded to accommodate up to six guests! With folding chairs that can be stored in the table, this small folding dining table is the smartest addition to your living space.

A 2-in-1 folding dining table design for small spaces

Modern prefabricated homes rarely have separate dining and living areas. The good news is: modern problems inspire modern solutions. Our multifunctional folding dining table with open shelves will help you with this. The folding table sufficiently meets your eating needs at mealtimes. At other times, you can use it to store practical living room essentials—quick snacks for TV time, cell phone chargers, or even bedding for an overnight guest or couch surfer. If not the living room, it is also a practical small kitchen table.

Four-seater dining table for small spaces

An elegant wall-mounted dish rack that converts into a small dining table for four! With this innovative dining table in a veneer look, we solve the dilemma of many households that want a larger storage unit for their chic porcelain. The folding table top fits effortlessly into the cupboard when not in use. There is also a tall, enclosed cabinet on the side to ensure the table does not expose the entire unit.

A charming little dining table near the kitchen

One of the many VAdvantages of a modular kitchen is that depending on the floor plan and number of residents in the house, there is no need for a dining area. A great example is this G-shaped kitchen. The design allows for part of the worktop to be used as a dining table without taking up additional floor space. The cabinets under the countertop allow for safe storage and quick access to important dishes for everyday eating. The windows and pendant lights provide enough light and also make the G-shaped kitchen a charming meeting place for a date!