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Unconventional Charm: 8 Design Solutions and Ideas for a Unique Living Room Aesthetic

Unconventional Charm 8 Design Solutions and Ideas for a Unique Living Room Aesthetic

Here are some designer recommended tricks and ideas to give your small living room a stylish and stunning look


When we think about the interior design of a home, the first thing that comes to our mind is the living room. It is the busiest room in your home and attracts maximum attention from your guests and your family members. From entertaining your guests to movie nights with friends to spending quality time with family, this is where most of the fun activities take place. But designing a living room with unconventional shapes and layouts can be difficult. It can make your living room seem unwelcoming, awkward, and awkward. That’s why we have come up with some unique ideas and design solutions to upgrade the look of your awkward living room and make it look quick and stylish. So let’s prepare to tackle the problems of awkward living room layouts and find solutions to each and every problem.

How to design an awkward L-shaped living room

The living room comes in different shapes, but the L-shaped living room is quite difficult to design due to its limited space. To tackle this unusual space, you can opt for a double-sided sofa unit. This gives you an overview of the entire room and allows you to make optimal use of the space. While one side of the sofa faces the entertainment area where you can enjoy family movie nights, the other side of the sofa faces the open kitchen to entertain your guests while preparing meals. Use your L-shaped living room corner to create a cozy bar area where you can spend relaxing hours with friends. We added a modular bar unit which features a combination of wood effect shutters and a tinted glass front. Two high chairs complete the look.

8 design solutions and ideas for an unusual living room design

How to plan an uncomfortable living room with stairs

Stairs can take up a lot of space and give a bulky look. But if you have a duplex apartment or a villa, a staircase in your living room is inevitable. The trick to solve this problem is to choose a modern staircase design for your living room. Here we chose a glass railing and steps for the spiral staircase. Glass looks more pleasant and makes your room appear elegant and bright. Opt for muted wall colors and light wood-look laminates that match the interior theme. We added some ottoman storage and functional entertainment units to the modern living room.

Designing an unusual living room layout with a fireplace

If you have a living room with an extension and a fireplace, there is an excellent trick for you. Use these walls to create a personalized library for you. The wall-mounted bookcase with glass fronts on either side of the fireplace highlights the length of your walls and is perfect for bibliophiles like you. Have a small ladder handy so you can reach the top shelves of the bookcase. Add some comfortable sofa units and a small round coffee table to enjoy a cozy reading session. We used plaster wall paneling to add some definition to the living room. You can highlight the wall behind the fireplace with a painting, drawing attention to the fireplace.

8 design solutions and ideas for an unusual living room design

How to manage a narrow rectangular living room

The problem with a narrow living room is figuring out how to create the perfect visual distance between the TV and the seating area. To solve this problem, opt for a wall-mounted TV and a window seat. This will make your room appear wider and more spacious. Make sure the center of the room remains clear. If you want to place a coffee table, choose a table with a glass top. This appears visually brighter and makes your room appear tidier. You can also set up a home office to utilize the length of your room and increase the functionality of the room.

How to separate a long and open living and dining area

Is your living room unusually large, but not enough to divide it into two parts with a wall? You can create a subtle demarcation for a separate dining area in your living room without making the interior look bulky. Opt for a modern Jali divider behind the sofa unit and you’re good to go. The room is decorated in traditional Indian style with intricate Jali work on the partition wall and colorful curtains. We haven a sofa set and a coffee table added to complete the look of the living room. Choose a pop of color for the accent wall to add vibrancy to the room and give your dining area its own identity.

How to manage an awkward living space with large windows

This living room with attic and large windows can look very strange if not designed with precision. But our interior designers have ensured that it becomes a beautiful home, nothing less than a dream paradise. We chose an open floor plan to give the space a clean and luxurious look. The glass paneling lets in lots of natural light and brightens the room. The loft area is used as a comfortable bedroom, while the open kitchen is equipped with a breakfast bar for leisurely meals. You can use curtains to avoid harsh sunlight and scorching summer heat. The interiors are minimalist to ensure free movement and a spacious atmosphere. This is an excellent layout for uber-cool couples who like to add a bit of quirkiness to their lives and homes.

Here's how to design the awkward living room corner of your home

Do you have an awkward living room corner with a sloping wall and don’t know what to do with it? Well, you can turn it into a photo gallery with some beautiful frames and wall art. Place a tall potted plant to add a touch of green to the room and create a pleasant atmosphere. These decor elements will accentuate the look of your minimalist interior design and transform your secluded corners into a pretty display area.